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About Us

Welcome to a Discount Club where everything can be find for your modern, contemporary Home, Hotel, Restaurant, Business. From our Luxury Outdoor Furniture, Lighting, Dinnerware and much more. We Offer you a World Class Style with affordable prices.

At 100 Essentials, we bring some of the world’s finest luxury items to those buyers who want to save an incredible 30-70% off retail prices. We do this by eliminating the long list of "middlemen markups" and multi-million dollar advertising costs that all add up to make luxury quality and style unaffordable to the vast majority of consumers.

100 Essentials uses a unique, B2B platform that invites the globe's most outstanding artists, designers, and manufacturers to submit their highest quality and most stylish creations for our member's consideration.

Our goal is a simple one: to help our members enjoy the same luxury and style once reserved for the most affluent among us. At 100 Essentials, we'll deliver what was once unaffordable straight to your door.

100 Essentials Founder, President, and CEO, Marc, is a master retailer with over 30 years of top executive level experience with one of the world’s largest retail organizations – France’s internationally positioned Carrefour. Over three decades of presiding over countless billions of dollars in sales means the head of 100 Essentials knows “buying and selling” like few others in the marketing industry. When Marc and his family relocated from Paris to Los Angeles, there had been an immediate need to turn their “house” into a “beautiful and stylish Modern home”. To that end, the family had explored countless retail shops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and even New York only to discover one undeniable fact: luxury quality and leading design was always priced far beyond the average budget. What was the solution? In 2011, 100 Essentials was born.

Marc knew the startup faced stiff competition from countless other buyer or discount clubs, but the company immediately enjoyed a phenomenal registration of new members. Who are these smart, style-conscious, and price-savvy shoppers? Why has our company grown by (daily) leaps and bounds? In short, 100 Essentials is a discount club that really does offer it all. We said our members are “style-conscious”, and whether they seek outdoor furniture, home furnishings and accessories, home lighting or any other item(s) on their long shopping list of “essentials”, our buyers know that everything from “cutting edge” to “classically inspired” design and luxury quality can always be found at our truly unique Web destination. 

When you combine globally acclaimed designers and artists, leading manufacturers, a vast and ever growing selection, award-winning customer service, and up to 70% off retail prices – when you add all that up – you have a tried and true formula for success. Why purchase the “perfectly ordinary” at grossly inflated prices when exciting style, top quality, and unbeatable prices all join forces right here? Let all those who say “money is no object” pay full price while, for the rest of us, 100 Essentials offers an easy, convenient, and incredibly affordable way to make “high style” your “lifestyle”, too. Join us today and see what’s causing all the excitement. We guarantee you you’ll be very glad you did!

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