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Bistro 1

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Bistro 1

Crystal painting made of 70% of MDF ,20% of lacquer and 10 % of paper.

Crystal painting creates an extraordinarily dynamic image that immediately pleases the “mind’s eye”. Using a highly specialized printing process that captures the visible “veins” of an oil paint or watercolor canvass, the image is transferred to a surface that is a mixture of acrylics, medium density fiberboard, and construction grade paper to create an “aged wood” like product that works its visual magic on any image that is imprinted on its surface. State of the art, quality assurance checks are applied during every step of each individual process to ensure a luxury quality artwork that truly is quite unlike any other.

Crystal painting with shinning appearance implicates lasting charm and expresses dynamic artistic effect more directly.The finish coating is waterproof and moisture proof. The various shapes such as convex and concave, make the images more vivid and lively.Special techniques are applied onto the troducts to avoid any defects.


Dimensions :

D2" x W11.4" x H34.25"




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