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Designers and Artists

“Artists” – From Outdoor Furniture to Oil Paintings to One of a Kind Works of Sculpture to All Forms of Original Art – 100 Essentials Wants to Feature Your Creations

100 Essentials is one of America’s fastest growing, truly exciting, and most unique discount clubs. As an accomplished artist in any medium, why should the success of a Los Angeles-based discount club be of any interest to you? Quite simply, you should know that our rapid growth is, in part, the result of our commitment to bringing exceptional works of original art into the life of countless Americans who never thought they could afford such delightful treasures. How do we do it? We’ve pioneered a unique, B2B business platform that directs us to reach out to highly talented artists by inviting them to submit their most inspired creations for our member’s consideration.

Why should you submit a portfolio of your “very best” work to us? As a dedicated and uniquely talented artist, you love to create beauty where there once was none. Your masterful Furnitures, paintings, beautiful sculptures or any handcrafted, one of a kind works of art are meant to be shared with the world. And when you submit your finest creations to 100 Essentials, they will be admired by our countless members. It will be our privilege to present your fine art directly to our price-savvy buyers, which means you will eliminate gallery and/or agent commissions, exorbitant, multimedia advertising costs, and numerous other promotional expenses – substantial savings that will finally make your beautiful and original creations affordable to true art lovers across America.

“Designers” – Exceptional Design is the Creative Foundation of Luxury and Style – Let 100 Essentials Showcase Your Collection of Fine Designs

Why do we draw a (faint) distinction between “designers” and “artists” when the two terms are nearly interchangeable? Art and design have always enjoyed a symbiotic relationship within which one cannot succeed without the other. Why, then, our separation of the two? We reach out to artists who, with their own hands, create original and one of a kind works of art. Designers, however, will typically draw an exceptional and unique “creative blueprint” for others (such as premiere quality manufacturers) to follow. The designer puts their acclaimed name on everything from outdoor furniture that offers museum quality style to unique home furnishings you won’t find in America’s retail stores to handcrafted dinnerware to exquisite home lighting creations and so much more. As a leading and widely admired designer, your name may be a household word in the fashion industry, yet you use your many creative talents to inspire a separate line of stunning home furnishings (for example) that bear your name and embody your unsurpassed flair for high style and fine design.

At 100 Essentials, luxury, and high style are what we’re all about. This is why we invite designers from around the globe, including our home town of Los Angeles, to submit their portfolio of cutting edge or classically inspired designs for our style-conscious members. Those designers who will be approve by 100Essentials team can then market their collection direct to the buyer on our website. This means our featured designers will pay no promotional costs whatsoever, and these significant, “direct from the maker to the buyer”, savings means your luxury quality creations can be offered to our members for a cost they can truly afford.

“Artists and Designers” – Let 100 Essentials Showcase Your Original Outdoor Furniture. Oil Paintings, Cutting Edge Designed Home Furnishings, Home Lighting Delights or Any Creations that Feature Fine Art or Industry-Leading Design

At 100 Essentials, we work with some of the world’s most talented artists and designers, which is why it would be our privilege and our pleasure to work with you. We take pride in the fact that we offer our members “direct from the artist’s studio or designer goods manufacturer” prices by reducing typical promotional and other costs to zero. We don’t believe that luxury, beautiful original art, and museum quality design should be reserved strictly for the wealthy, and we would be willing to bet you would agree.

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