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How It Works


Explore - Browse our exciting and treasure filled website and discover the vast selection of beautiful, unique, and world famous designer creations 100 Essentials has to offer. We'll let "your eyes" do "our talking" for us. The first thing you will see is we never sell ordinary, typical discount club office furniture (for example). Consider the fact that a fabulous looking, famous designer for Outdoor Furniture can duly impress a potential client with a style statement that says your place of business is a cut above the competition. This is just one of many reasons why, at 100 Essentials, high style, Modern or Contemporary inspired design is mandatory.

Why "make do" with Outdoor Furniture can be just as affordable? Would you prefer "cookie cutter" design dinnerware or Susan Zheng's beautifully handcrafted dinnerware creations? We know that you want home furnishings that say you never settle for second best. You pay attention to the details, which means new home lighting fixtures for the family room must equal the unrivaled style and beauty of your new family room furniture - a stunning ensemble you could finally afford thanks to 100 Essentials.


Join Us - Now that we've met, we're quite certain you're going to want to get to know us well. The first thing you should know is there is absolutely no cost or obligation to become a member of the most exciting and (financially) rewarding discount club you will ever find. We know exactly what our competitors have to offer. Genuine Luxury items for no-gimmick, "direct from the maker" prices? Available from the competition? We don't think so - at least we had never been able to find them.

Our members enjoy the "good life" by shopping at an exciting Web destination that makes it fast, easy, and at savings of up to 70%, ultra-affordable to have outstanding quality and style shipped straight to their door. We now invite you (and everyone you know) to step through "our virtual door" and become a member of a one of a kind discount club that has no competition.


Learn - We want our members to forget all they used to expect from shopping online for everything from outdoor/garden items to home furnishings and countless accessories to office furniture to home lighting to fine art and so much more. We want our buyers to forget those days when their budget meant they had little choice other than to settle for "ordinary" designs and quality that never failed to disappoint. Those days are behind you, and it's now time to learn about our discount club that opens the door to luxury and style that simply wasn't affordable for you or an overwhelming majority of American consumers. On our fast and super-easy to navigate website you'll learn all about what's inside our door, including information on how to "refer a friend" and earn valuable coupons you can apply towards your next purchase. In short, use this website to learn all the many ways 100 Essentials works tirelessly to make some of the "very best" things in life accessible to all of us.


Place Your Order - Your only dilemma here might be: Where to begin? You'll always find a vast selection of treasures at 100 Essentials, and you'll want to order them all. But there is a budget. Be patient - we know you'll come back to us time and time again, so, for now, you'll select the beautiful home furnishings that are today's priority. Famous designer office furniture is needed now for your business' "Grand Opening". An exquisitely designed, home lighting fixture is essential to your current home makeover or the first warm days of spring will inspire a need for outdoor/garden products that have no equal.

Choose your priorities, place your order, and then know that our unsurpassed customer service operation will take it from there. We'll make your order "our top priority" and ship it to you ASAP! You can use our website to conveniently track your order, as well as to learn more about our shipping procedures and options, delivery times, and much more. You also need to know that, if there ever is a problem, we'll fix it because getting our fine products to your door is something we like to call "job one".

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