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Quality Assurance

Home Furnishings and Accessories, Dinnerware, Office Furniture, Home Lighting, Outdoor/Garden, Fine Art, and So Much More - But, at 30-70% Off Retail Prices, is “Product Quality” Ever Compromised?

The short answer to the above question is: “No”. Unlike many discount clubs that offer inconsistent quality products, at 100 Essentials, luxury item quality that never varies is what we’re all about. Because we offer discounts of up to 70% off retail store prices, we understand why a quality-conscious shopper might have product integrity concerns, but they can ignore the yellow “caution flag” and worry no more. The substantial savings you will always enjoy when you shop with us are wholly unrelated to product quality, but result, instead, in the elimination of the nearly endless series of markups that are built in to the retail price structure. It’s common knowledge that there is a long line of “intermediaries” who position themselves between the maker of just about any product and the end user (you). The retail price system also includes multi-million dollar, brand name advertising campaigns and numerous other promotional costs someone (you) has to pay for. After all is said and done, the actual factory cost to produce any given item and the final retail store price are country miles apart.

Of course we never compromise on quality to save you money. We don’t search the globe for “shoddy goods” that will only disappoint a “one-time shopper” who will never again return to our virtual door. A thoroughly disappointed buyer is a customer lost, which is why – for any reason or no reason at all – every 100 Essentials member is free to return any purchase under our unconditional, 100% complete customer satisfaction guarantee. Yes, a refund in full with absolutely no questions asked. No discount club will offer their members a no-gimmick, money back guarantee if “second rate” or “inferior quality” products are routinely shipped to their customer’s door. 

It’s Our Responsibility to Make Product Quality
“Job One” – All We Ask of You is to Enjoy It!

At 100 Essentials, we know that product quality is at the very top of your shopping checklist. This why we’ve developed our own, extensive quality control checklist that we apply to every product we bring to you. Today, nearly all major manufacturing companies are located overseas, and while some manufacturers are well-known for the consistently low quality of their products, other companies are equally famous for the never varying excellence built into every item they sell. It is this latter group of manufacturers that 100 Essentials works with and absolutely no others. How do we know which companies deserve our trust while others must be avoided? For starters, our company’s Founder, President, and CEO has over 30 years of top level, executive experience with one of the world’s largest marketing firms (France’s Carrefour). 100 Essentials is the truly unique brainchild of a master retailer who has personally traveled to countless factories across Asia and in Europe. This means we know exactly where to find the very best quality consumer products of nearly every type under the sun. Our quality assurance checklist is long, and every product we represent must meet or exceed our very exacting requirements for strict quality control from the beginning of the assembly line to the shipping dock doors. 

Absolute Product Safety, Consistent Materials Integrity, and Unsurpassed Quality Manufacturing – Period

When you become an absolutely no-cost or obligation member of 100 Essentials, you’ll enjoy the complete confidence and priceless peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that we will never compromise on product quality, and above all, product safety. Every item in our vast collection of fine products is guaranteed to conform to all local, state, and federal safety regulations. How many other discount clubs can say the same? How do we do it? Unlike a typical discount club, 100 Essentials actually has “boots on the ground” in the form of overseas Quality Assurance Teams that personally inspect every manufacturing company’s production facilities. We see with our own eyes exactly how every top quality product is manufactured, meticulously inspected, carefully packaged, and then rush shipped to your door. How many other discount clubs undertake such an effort or stand firmly behind a 100% customer satisfaction and top quality guarantee? We do, and we call that quality assurance at its “very best”. 

Home Furnishings and Accessories that Withstand the Tests of Time – Home Lighting and Outdoor/Garden Products that Last – Office Furniture, Dinnerware, and So Much More – All Designed and Manufactured to Achieve Exceptional Durability

When you shop and save at 100 Essentials, you will always know the fine items you purchase are both safe and of the highest quality on the market today. And of equal importance, our products offer unsurpassed durability that can provide a lifetime of use and enjoyment. Other discount clubs might advertise significant savings by featuring products that are designed to “fail” long before their time – we do not. At 100 Essentials, fail-safe quality assurance has been “essential” to our incredibly fast growing success. And when it comes to your success (at saving money), you know there will never be a better time than right now to decide to join us and make 100 Essentials your premiere quality, ultra-durable, and always affordable products headquarters. We’re absolutely certain you’ll be very glad you did!

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