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We Are Different

Finally, a Discount Club with a "Distinctive Difference"
From Outdoor Furniture, Dinnerware to Home Lighting to Fine Art to Whatever You Need to Enjoy the "Good Life" –
at 100 Essentials, Premium Quality, Famous Designer Style, and Rock Bottom Prices Rule

The saying goes, "If you build it, they will come," though, that old maxim should conclude with, "but you'd better give them a good reason to step through your door". At 100 Essentials, we knew we could give stylish and smart shoppers a nearly infinite number of great reasons to rush through our virtual door. And after a (mere) few years of very careful planning, we "built" a meteorically fast growing discount club that has succeeded where so many others have failed. When you pay close attention to that "business devil" known as the "details" - when you create a truly unique online shopper's headquarters that offers it all - you'll need "two virtual doors" to let everyone in.

Compare World Renowned Designer Home Furnishings to the Perfectly Ordinary Offerings of a Typical Discount Club. Is there a "Night and Day" Difference Between Our Outdoor/Garden Collection, Original Oil Paintings, Home Décor Accessories, and Our Entire Selection of the "Great Life Essentials"? You Bet.

Consistent and uncompromising quality, an ever expanding universe of beautiful and unique products to choose from, genuinely superior customer service, unbeatable (up to 70% off retail) prices, and 100% complete customer satisfaction guaranteed. Yes, it's easy to anticipate a Web shopper's every need - all the other discount clubs can do it - the hard part is to actually "deliver the goods". While any buyer's club can promise an "unequaled shopping experience", how many of them actually succeed? And most importantly, how many "direct from the factory" price offerings satisfy your uncompromising demand for "high style"? At 100 Essentials, our success stems, in part, from the fact that "world famous designer style" is all that we do.

Whether it's Original Art or Home Furnishings, Both Must Delight the Eye - from Outdoor Furniture, Hand Painted Dinnerware to Accessories, Inspired Design is Where it All Begins

100If you need Outdoor Furniture (for example), do you think that a limited budget means you'll have to "settle" for the uninspired, mass assembly line designs such as those typically offered at other discount clubs? Please reconsider because, at 100 Essentials, we reach out "world-renowned" designers.

Your No-Cost Membership Opens Many Beautiful Doors - Step into a World where that "Just Perfect Treasure" Suddenly Becomes a "Perfect Fit" for Your Budget

Let all those who say "money is no object" pay the endless markups that equal the highly inflated price known as "retail". You want and deserve to live well, to be surrounded by very special or everyday items that offer exceptional quality and beauty that was once reserved for those who live by the motto: "If you have to ask, you can't afford it". Become an absolutely no-cost or obligation member of 100 Essentials and learn just how affordable that "simply perfect" solution to every shopping list challenge can be. There will never be a better time than right now to join us, and then begin to discover all the large or small treasures we have waiting right here for you.

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